Grow an LED Lighting Business

We provide each of our LED Source franchisees with great branding and supply, plus superior support in training, marketing and business development. Our level of LED knowledge, first-class customer support and supplier relationships is what separates us in the marketplace. Reach out to discuss YOUR opportunity to take on our franchise opportunity within this explosive growth industry.

$114 Billion

Global LED Lighting Marketing

LED lighting market to reach a compound annual growth rate of 16% between 2019 and 2027.

$250 Billion

LED Lighting Savings In Energy Costs 

Switching to LED lighting by 2027 could save $250B in energy costs and reduce consumption for lighting by 90%.

$7.6 Billion

North America LED Market Size

The growth is primarily attributed to high energy-saving potential offered by LED lighting as compared to conventional fixtures.

Take your business to the next level

Become a Next Level Business. The LED Source business unit franchise adds high quality LED lighting solutions and products to companies or contractors, whose commercial customers would benefit from upgrading their traditional lighting to LED lighting. Merge Franchisees are not required to have a lighting background, and will receive training in sales, products and business systems to aid their ability to sell LED products and services.

LED Source Franchises will offer a complete LED lighting and controls product line to their commercial clients ranging from restaurants and hotels to warehouses, schools, retail stores, multi-unit housing and virtually any business that uses lighting. LED Source Franchises may also, if approved, market and sell to residential customers. 

Unparalleled Franchise Support System

LED Source franchise owners will benefit from early stage guidance and unique access to the best LED products at the best price. This will help you to quickly build a profitable business or increase revenues of your current business.

Support System

Each franchisee will be provided training and support through a variety of platforms. Our in-depth training program focuses on products, processes, tools and, of course, sales. After completion, know that our support system doesn’t end there!

Our staff will continue to support you, throughout your journey to success. The Corporate team is there for you whether you need help using the tools, or advice on closing a large opportunity, you can count on us!

Product and Application Support

  • LED Source Franchisees will gain access to a wide-range of LED lighting products from top manufacturers with industry leading support and warranties.
  • You will utilize customized tools including SnapCount, leading sales training and more!
  • Design, product take off, selection, rebate, financing and other application support will be available from corporate and from each of our manufacturer partners.
  • The company maintains its own Branded “LouMan Money®” program – offered EXCLUSIVELY through our franchise partners.
  • LouMan Money® enables franchisees to sell LED upgrades, with no “out of pocket” expenses to the buyer.
  • In time, the upgrade not only pays for itself, it pays back a PROFIT to the building or business owner!

Marketing Support

Traditional marketing methods no longer work. For LED Source®, marketing means inspiring people to create a conversation about our brand.

  • Brand Guides
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Marketing Materials
  • Case Studies


Nothing out of pocket is our motto. LouMan Money®, our 100% project financing program, is exclusively available to all franchisees customers. Monthly payments can be funded entirely from the energy savings.

Our strong relationships throughout the industry, vast product knowledge, manufacturing and customer support, has positioned us as the LED Lighting Experts™.

Full-service, state-of-the-art LED lighting to commercial clients

Switching to LED lights can pay for itself in 6 to 24 months







Parking Lots


Senior Living Centers



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    You must be an operating Electrical or HVAC business licensed in the state you are located in and have annual revenues of $2MM-$4MM along with at least $80,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $250,000 to qualify for a LED Source franchise. Please only request information if you meet these requirements.

    Electrical contractorHVAC contractorOther

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